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8月 29, 2017
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Take part in the Batminotes Armored Car Exhibitions - spectacular robotic armoured car fighting games with radio-controlled vehicles. These indestructible carriages are extremely dangerous and everyone has a unique weapon for the death race. Build and upgrade your armed minibot in the garage and join it in the Mac Robot Wizard League!

Do you enjoy watching steel robots battle boats and armoured car robot war shows? Have you always dreamed of building your own indestructible chariot robot and teaming up to participate in the Death Racing Show? Robot Fighting 2 - With Minibot Robot Fighting Game, everyone can take part in armoured car war games - this is Auto Fight exciting and free!

Drive into the battlefield of Steel Robots and get ready for a very breath-taking car war game with Death Race! This auto fight is truly something wonderful!

Face the most powerful Death Racing bot you will deal with them in Match Robot Wars:

Drill boat
Mini Bomb Smile
Nelthrow and others!
Fight at several battlefield locations with additional obstacles - traps, spike strips, kit sacks, heel razors, ramrods, etc., interact with battlefield objects (interact, firefighting equipment) and use traps on your side. Get experience points in robot fighting games and gain access to new armor, weapons and genres - Minibot customization for a more exciting car war game.

And remember: the more achievements you unlock, the better, because only the most ordinary players will join the Mac Robot Waters League. Let's start playing car wars!

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