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Android 4.0 or higher
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2.2.18 对于Android
10月 10, 2017
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Record tracks with pitch shifts and auto toe-pitch effects on over 500 free beats. Tune Me is the ultimate hip hop and R&B recording studio.
Adjust the auto toe-pitch effect to reduce the overall colour of your voice or reduce it to subtle, professional improvisation. Download and record over 500 beats or install your own. Create high-quality tracks with full-featured recording and editing equipment. Share your tracks on Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Tune Me apps feature:

- Quick processing - apply effects in the background while recording
- Calibration - Synchronizes the bit automatically with the bit
- Mixer - Adjust the volume of the tone and beat separately
- Waveform display - Helps you stay on track while recording visual audio dio
- Clip Light - Burn the lights if you sing too loudly
Multi-track recording
Record multiple lines in your track or correct your errors
Swipe up to find the waveform and start recording anywhere in the transcript
- Additional audio deo effects
Pitch Shifter - Reduce your voice by an octave or move it slowly
Create harmony - Creates a chorus-like effect from duplicate vocal tracks
- Search beats
Select any demo file on your device when clicking the Search menu
- Pro version is ad free

Features of Tune Me Mod:

- Unlock everyone
- Removed ad

Installation instructions:

Did you visit the site on your phone?

1. Download Mobile APK file ..
2. Install and run it.
3. Enjoy!

* Visit Website on a Desktop or Laptop?

1. Download PC APK file ..
2. Transfer Apk files to your Android phone with PC (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it ..
4. Have Fun!

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